01 December, 2009


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My birthplace! My family lived in Acheron Avenue. Kerry, my dear friend who I met as an 11 year old in Toowoomba, started out in Vincent. My aunt, Anne Rogers, worked in what is now the JCU library. I love The Strand, Harold's and Masala, the one-act play festival, the bikeways, Magnetic Island, Riverway, the people, the libraries, sunday markets...
I've lived in a few places around Queensland. Toowoomba was great (now, looking back..) but not the year it snowed.
Where do you come from, and what do you love about Townsville?


comrade harps said...

I come from places in Melbourne, Victoria and have never been to Townsville, so I all I know about it is that I love that you love it.

alison said...

thanks harps. I love where you're from. all those black coats and old buildings. trams! I once had a Christmas picnic at hanging rock. Not on Valentine's Day, no way.
And those laneways reminded me of stories I've read about London. Life happening off stage in the laneways. Very theatrical. I felt like I was in a story. Must get back there.