17 December, 2009

happy christmas!

just wanted to share my secret santa story. it can be difficult to find a special gift for a colleague (or classmate if you're at school) for under $10. the person who got the gift i bought liked it (i was eavesdropping) *whew*. and then i received these little figurines - the largest is only about 5 centimetres high - wrapped in a beautiful little red recycled paper bag. i immediately set the little nativity scene up for others to enjoy. i think i know who gifted it, but i haven't been able to catch up with her yet to say thanks - but i could be wrong of course!

thank you secret santa!
it's very sweet.

and starting this saturday down at the strand, townsville has - an interactive nativity scene transporting you back to the day. i haven't seen it yet, but there was a similar production in maryborough - get in amongst it.

before our christmas morning tea and secret santa we had our last full staff meeting for the year. our ceo and director attended and listened to us all talk up our service. harps, i mentioned you in my spun conference report - with your library launching IM use. were your ears burning?

If I don't get this book for Christmas I'll be very surprised:

It's probably under the tree already. I'm a very bad gift buyer. I always get given much better gifts than i receive. i just don't shop. or i think - i'll come back later and get that. don't be like me!

Happy Christmas everyone, and if you're travelling - have a splash of fun for me!

spread the joy at christmas

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The Blograrian said...

No, my ears weren't burning, but happy for the news to spread. The new website's got some problem solving still to happen but it should be up sometime in January.

Have a great Xmas and a happy New Year!