28 February, 2010

27 February, 2010


just checking

brand yourself a librarian or with one of these?


Rhett Butler fails as a reference librarian!

Customer: "Where do I find "Gone with the Wind?"

Rhett: "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
via 'Fat' in comments at Faith and Theology.

20 February, 2010

poetry on saturday

library shelves full

serendipity guides her
haiku poetry

16 February, 2010

the first day

the first day of an awfully big adventure

13 February, 2010

poetry on saturday

Adelaide and Bazaar Streets, Maryborough

06 February, 2010

poetry on saturday

remembering Maryborough's and Toowoomba's much-anticipated November splashes of colour

05 February, 2010

microfiction - 100 words

wrote this back in '05 for BWF's microfiction comp, with Live 8 in mind.


She swirled those liquid hips, sending moving images through her phone of an historic day to friends stuck indoors. Many vibrant, politically savvy people (and those who knew a Woodstock when they saw one) were captured on live streams, telecasts and phone screens that Saturday. Mass consumption in response to mass famine. Music can do that.

It’s about the faces in the crowd, names on the list, inroads made on the long walk to justice. Too young for Live Aid ’85, now it’s her time to make a difference.

While packing her bag she texts home: ‘I’m moving 2 Africa’.

03 February, 2010

love is all around

our library is running a mini-romance writing competition - 50 words, no more, no less - for Library Lovers Day (valentines day for you other romantics) !!
what fun!
more fun today - critically examined the reference serials collection with Julie, and cleared a few shelves ready for those car manuals that are so hugely popular. another day's work ahead with this (that's just serials, then comes the whole reference collection x 3 branches).

yesterday - smart service training with a stash of great ideas for customer service and working to improve kpi outcomes.
tomorrow - feeling the love at a staff meeting, then updating website with a prac student from CSU and our fabulous trainee Bonnie
tomorrow tomorrow - collection development meeting all day - good to have at the beginning of the year so we can get on with it.

2010 is getting better every day.

now if only i can finish that poem / write that guest blog post / get into that literature research / register for that writing class / get that next book to review / and review it / get into the novel / write that mini-romance / and get going on the 10 000 steps challenge / then I can tick February off as a big success.

what are your personal goals for February?

02 February, 2010

librarything is so much prettier

the tower of books on my bedside table is growing...