05 February, 2010

microfiction - 100 words

wrote this back in '05 for BWF's microfiction comp, with Live 8 in mind.


She swirled those liquid hips, sending moving images through her phone of an historic day to friends stuck indoors. Many vibrant, politically savvy people (and those who knew a Woodstock when they saw one) were captured on live streams, telecasts and phone screens that Saturday. Mass consumption in response to mass famine. Music can do that.

It’s about the faces in the crowd, names on the list, inroads made on the long walk to justice. Too young for Live Aid ’85, now it’s her time to make a difference.

While packing her bag she texts home: ‘I’m moving 2 Africa’.


comrade harps said...

100 words is way too many...

a generation's Woodstock
dancing she txts home:
moving 2 Africa

alison said...

that works for me.
Library Lovers Day comp. at work calls for just 50; I've written two mini-romances for it. will post on 14th.
I know, I'm not working to haiku yet.