13 April, 2008

little girl zine

We did it! The first Jacaranda zine! A fun collaboration via email with Nicole in Ohio, the little girl zine celebrates our friendship which began when we lived next door to each other in another place, another time.LGZ had a limited print run of two, one for Nicole and one for me.Production details: 7 pages handwritten and printed text (American Typewriter and Times) with colour and black and white photos and illustrations on pink and white paper, vellum and hammered card, all stitched together using Shar's pink tapestry cotton (great idea Shar!).#1 will be in the mail tomorrow. Love you Nic.
Click on the image to see the card detail. Tough to get a needle through :)

12 April, 2008

share your story

Of course! Take your favourite story with you wherever you go. Read it on the train. Could you, would you, on a train? Over at wordbox I promote writing competitions and publishing opportunities, but they're just two ways to share your work. These story book jeans, via Alison @ Publishers Weekly, were selling on Etsy. You could fit maybe a 500 word story. Or your first chapter... Quite a few haikus.Don't hide your work in the drawer. Read it at a public event (a poetry day, during Book Week or at an art gallery). Make a story or poetry wall at home/school/uni/work. Work with an actor friend to perform your play or monologue.Make a zine. You know you can. Give your story or poem as a gift. And make these jeans!