22 June, 2010

in brisbane june 19-22

Kurilpa Bridge
Ron Mueck exhibition at GoMA
Chapel Hill
Leading Library Teams workshop at the Mercure Hotel

... and I put the finishing touches to my Brisbane poem on the plane on the way home. now i have to send it out in the world.

14 June, 2010

not before time

i've finally organised myself to add photos to my flickr space.

11 June, 2010


this cover could only have been more perfect if steven herrick's new YA novel was a verse novel, because here I blogged about verse novels in summer watermelon moments, and of course mentioned steven herrick.
but, read anyway. it's steven herrick.

06 June, 2010


Life is too important to be taken seriously -- Oscar Wilde

05 June, 2010

one year in townsville

i arrived back in townsville to live a year ago today.
things i like about townsville -
* the sultry wet season (and the resulting literature)
* the tropical palms and gardens
* cycle/walking tracks everywhere
* the sunny winter
* view from the strand
* choice of restaurants from a variety of cultures, especially thai
* fresh made sushi from cherry blossom
* calm looming mountains and the colours of Castle Hill
* so many events, plays, festivals...
* the university
* three libraries
* the incredible people i work with 

* our place

you will live in townsville indefinitely (at least until you forget how ghastly packing and unpacking is)

what do you love about your town?