22 July, 2008


While blogs, wikis and websites, etc. are invaluable in Library 2.0 as platforms for information dissemination and virtual communication services, Web 2.0 tools can also be used for clients' entertainment purposes (and they learn as they play). Various story spaces exist online on which the user/client/reader/writer/teacher/student/librarian can either collaborate on the construction of a story or interact with the story by following hyperlinks. This is a sophisticated Web 2.0 version of the ever-popular Choose-Your-Own Adventure storybooks.

The reader can read online and/or create online. It's storywriting Web 2.0. As they work they will gain understanding and skills in the capabilities of information communication technologies (ICTs) and be able to apply this in their informational and communication work.
Even considering the basics: what is a hyperlink? what is an anchor? Use of the hypertext media will also give Librarian 1.0 an insight into how 21st century clients gather and process their information. Explore.

DotLit Hypermedia:

Wacky Web Tales on Education Place:

Read Write Think lesson plan:

Even Victoria Police want your hypertext choose-your-owns:

Joel and Cat set the story straight: - the website on which virtual readers were invited to contribute a few lines each in a shared story that mirrored the tandem story captured in the book written collaboratively between Nick Earls and Rebecca Sparrow (probably using some email communication). Entrants wrote online or sent SMS.
Penguin certainly reached out to their client base on their own turf.

20 July, 2008

wordle and education

Wordle! My favourite cloud toy with some innovative uses in literacy education. See the Teaching with Technology Edublog. Free to share under a Creative Commons Licence.

12 July, 2008

brisbane libraries buzz

Brisbane has some top class libraries and we have been tramping all over them this week, learning about exciting library-type things. Our group of CSU students, from various Australian towns and cities (plus two from China and Fiji), came together from BASLIM and the two Masters courses with two of our lecturers, Roy and Jake. Over four full days we were led through many libraries by incredibly professional and passionate librarians.

State Library of Queensland - welcome to the 21st century! - I love The Corner and The Edge and the loungey InfoZone. And we could have done with stories round the Kuril Dhagun Fire Pit in this chilly weather.

Brisbane Square Library - vibrant, progressive, interactive, with an envy-making book sorting machine. And Fast Backs for popular fiction titles.

Supreme Court Library using the Moyes' Classification Scheme - enjoy your placement there Lea.

GoMA's art research library - librarians make significant supportive contribution to world-class exhibitions including the stunning Picasso collection on now.[Awe-inspiring Cezanne, Degas, Renoir and Modigliani on show from Picasso's collection].

QUT's law library and main student library - virtual reference services and information literacy skills embedded in the curriculum.

Qld Parliamentary Library- and I found my dream book room in the O'Donovan Library: floor to ceiling filled bookshelves with those tall roving ladders.

Other groups visited libraries at the Public Works, Mater Health Services and BGGS before we all celebrated with yum cha in the city.

Other highlights of the week - crossing the Goodwill Bridge (Brisbane has a pedestrian bridge across the river!), walking a lot which is a great way to explore a city, photographing more TSBs (I'll upload them from home), and I'm blogging this from another progressive BCC library in Fairfield. There's a writers' group going on across from me and lots of people are browsing and using the computers (mix of genders and ages). And BCC libraries were featured last night on Extra (tv show) - Chermside was one I think.
What do you like about your library?