28 September, 2008

gold coast fun

I'm back from a fabulous week at the coast. I had a place in the mountains but I ventured out to Beechmont Markets, Natural Arch, a gemstone cafe with the most delicious sausage rolls ever, the Australian Outback Spectacular (and it was), Nerang Library and Surfers Paradise. In Surfers I got lost in Infinity and revisited the forty year old Wax Museum (ghoulish!).
On the bookshelf where I was staying I discovered an old Paper Wasp zine filled with inspirational haiku.

This Nerang Library is six years old, so bright and fresh with attractive signage and lots of light. It's part of the Gold Coast City Council, and they're trialling this blog for young people for three months: blurbit. Go, energise them. And I found a Discworld picture book I didn't know existed! Where's my cow? Postmodern and discy. Very helpful librarians there too. And you know I loved the signage out front. I picked up the new quarterly magazine from State Library of Queensland there. You can subscribe by going to What's On.

I was excited to see painted TSBs in Surfers. Here are two. First in Elkhorn Avenue and the mermaids in Ferny Avenue near the Wax Museum. And a very Sesame Street moment with the number 33. It's nice to be home.

17 September, 2008

Pamela Travers is watching over you

The Fraser Coast region can count a number of writers amongst its past and present residents. Pamela Travers' most famous character, Mary Poppins, is all over Maryborough in most interesting ways. But most importantly, the region supports the Mary Poppins Literary and Art Awards, and the deadline for entries is coming up next week. The theme is fantasy, and the genres short stories, illustrated books and an artwork. It's always good to see a city supporting its young writers so they grow up to be .. bigger writers with publishing contracts and amazing literacy skills.
I've been invited along to judge a section, and I'm totally looking forward to the stories coming my way. Make them fantastical and thoughtful, creative and attention-grabbing (and pay attention to your grammar).

You know, every time you walk past Mary in Cherry Tree Lane, you can imagine that one day there'll be a statue of one of your characters on a street corner or in a park somewhere someday. Keep writing!

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What writing opportunities does your Council offer young people?

01 September, 2008

TSBs on Web 2.0

View 500 images on flickr: Brisbane's Traffic Signal Boxes