13 January, 2009

smart people use library services

Thank goodness for Dr Glen Gole and other champion doctors at Brisbane's Royal Children's Hospital who are advocating for a world-class library and research centre in the proposed new Queensland Children's Hospital. It was revealed this week that due to space shortages the library has been omitted. Des Houghton reported in The Courier Mail (Jan 10-11, p. 54) that 'Doctors were infuriated when it was suggested they should look up the internet instead'. The internet replace a medical library? You. Are. Joking.
Check out the Herston Health Sciences Library's collection, facilities and services. Those database subscriptions to Medline and CINAHL don't come free.
Smart people use library services, and advocate for them when others demonstrate they have no idea of their importance.

03 January, 2009

i like to play with words

My two best wordie gifts over the Christmas season came all the way from America.
1. Snatch It, a word game in which players form words from letter tiles and can add to others' words by snatching! Thanks Nic.
2. Six-word memoirs by writers famous and obscure, edited by Smith Magazine - what a brilliant book from Pulp Fiction! Some of the memoirs are so poignant, you feel like you've witnessed somebody's life out of the corner of your eye and you have to swivel back to catch the whole story.
Like these gems: 'Quiet guy; please pay closer attention.' - Jonathan Lesser. 'It's pretty high. You go first.' - Alan Eagle.
You can share your six-word memoir on Smith's site. I play with magnetic poetry words on the fridge for that quirky daily statement.
If you need 144 more words for your story - check out One Fifty and print out their zine.
Write small.