01 December, 2009

D*P*C # 6 & #16 mashups and finale

typewriter key letter W letter O R d19

Loved Caitlin's name in Spell with Flickr so much that I had to try too. That's so pretty.

A squared circle blue Cast Iron Capital Letter L (North Scituate, RI) letter I
letter Sletter oCity Carpet Letter N

That was so much fun! Thanks, Warren, Neal and everyone who set up the program.
I've learned a lot, and need to revisit many of the discoveries, like IM and I really should put more images into flickr. And refine my delicious account. But I'm just not that into Facebook.

I still like blogs as a 21C way to communicate industry information among colleagues, like Skerricks among TLs, and still my favourite information services librarian site: the swissarmy librarian. I want to investigate mashups with maps.

So, not the end - the beginning.

And here's a book I just found on the library returns shelf of interest -

The rough guide to blogging: navigate the blogosphere, by Jonathan Yang, published October 2006 (old, much?). 006.7 YANG at Flinders Street, or ISBN 978184353682X from your bookstore.

Am I done yet?

you will use IM you will use IM you will use IM

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