01 December, 2009

D*P*C #7 tagging

I couldn't find my D*P*C #7 anywhere!! so had to start over. I obviously hadn't tagged it very well if at all.
It's all about tagging.
What I like about LCSH 'tags' is that they are set in stone. For a previous course I had to construct a thesaurus and that was difficult but rewarding. Remembering which tags you used for something two months ago is hard. What if you feel differently about it now?

I like the use of the hashtag in twitter, especially to follow conferences or group things. Check #qpla09, and #infservice (what's happening on information service?). I've tried to use minimalist labels/tags on this site so things are easily found (like the tag D*P*C for this program).

This is the wordle I created using content from the D*P*C website, and this one is from a beautiful Robert Frost poem I discovered when I was impressionable and reading Susie Hinton's The Outsiders. After The Outsiders I then read Gone With the Wind. I still think of Rob Lowe as Sodapop from TO even though I've seen him most recently on Brothers and Sisters. Anyway, the poem is Nothing gold can stay, written in 1923. An earlier version did not include the Edenic reference. And the article in wikipedia includes a see also reference to The Outsiders. That Susie Hinton! She brought a whole new generation to American poetry and boy culture. And all at a very young age.

Wordle: robert frost poem

And for more visual tagged wordart, revisit this site: The Visual Dictionary, and my 'cafe' and 'library' images that used to be outside the Uni cafe in Hervey Bay and Nerang Library respectively. Here's their mashup of the visual dictionary and twitter.

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