14 September, 2009

D*P*C #9 communicating online

SMS, IM and webinars...
I'll have to sign up for IM at work sometime - if enough people were on it may be a way of catching up in real time instead of playing telephone tag or email e-voidance.
SMS though - saves students big phone bills (and they're texting anyway) if library has an SMS information service where they can enquire about opening hours, extending their overdues, etc. I've seen it in use at QUT - very professional service.
Webinars - I recently participated in my first webinar (online tutorial) through SLQ's OPAL, and tomorrow will set up participants for another - on NoveList. We can participate by typing in the text box, or by using a microphone to speak. With Warren's instructions I taught myself how to use the smartboard, so will be able to enable audio for the training room, so participants shouldn't need headsets (fingers crossed).
An hour session is enough as a tutorial. The trainer presents information and allows participants to ask questions. Everything was clearly understandable.
It is beneficial afterwards to have a staff discussion period, and a suggestion for staff to on-train others.
I will gather participants' comments for the next FOCUS issue (our new information services bulletin).
I like that smartboard/whiteboard with add-ons... All the cool classrooms have them now. I'm so far behind!

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