12 September, 2009

Arrr! talk like a pirate on the good ship LIBRARY

Arrr! There's fun t' be had in t' libraries this week! Grab yer parrot, yer eye patch and yer peg leg, and head to t' libraries to talk like an old sea dog and sing sea shanties! Yohoho

Tuesday 15th September 10am - Flinders Street
Wednesday 16th September 10am - Thuringowa Central
Friday 18th September 10am Aitkenvale

Check out t' site fer posters an' buttons: ITLAPD

Plenty of pirate books in CityLibraries - dive in!
A day in the life of a Pirate / Emma Helbrough
Captain Abdul's pirate school / Colin McNaughton.
Blackbeard, the pirate king : several yarns detailing the legends, myths, and real-life adventures of history's most notorious seaman / told in verse by J. Patrick Lewis.

Be there or walk t' plank!

Have I mentioned how much cool it is to work in a public library service?? Much?

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