14 September, 2009

D*P*C #11 online docs and more

Brilliant! Google Docs is what I need! or Zoho - so far I've only gone into GD. I am forever saving a half-done roster at work and emailing it to my home account so I can finish it there, or vice-versa. Now I can just save it to Google Docs. Less messing about!
There's no drama at work because we're all on a network so I can still access work documents as I work between branches, except for when I may have IT dramas.
I've saved an old doc as pdf - but I can't see where to follow this instruction:
Just click the Share drop-down menu on the top right and choose Publish as webpage. Then, click Publish now. Help!!
It's my submission to SRC last year that didn't get used afterall. When I do eventually provide access; if you're going to try the quiz, ignore the top section blatantly labelled 'answers'!

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