21 September, 2009

D*P*C 12 Web video

I would like to embed a Cure clip, Close to Me or Love Cats 'cause I was given Triple J's Hottest 100 of all time today, but a) that would breach copyright, and b) the videos have embedding disabled. So watch them yourselves and share the joy: Close to Me / Love Cats.
There is, however a range of library related tubes, some serious even. I posted about USQ's digital open day a while back. And I'm sure we can make some here, on our children's programs, about information services, about our author visits, etc. But I found this fun one, which would be great on the library's big screen:

And yes, they're simple to embed in a blog. Copy the code kindly provided on the youtube site, then paste it on your blog after clicking the 'edit html' code. If you were to embed in the sidebar you just have to go to layout, page elements, add a gadget, add html/java script and paste. You'd probably have to edit the width too: width="425" height="344".

Here's one I like: public art in an Arizona library:

I like that you can share the clip on twitter, facebook etc, viewers can comment and post clip responses which turns it all into a discussion. Viewers can rate it, link to it, embed it in their own blog, thereby sharing the love. Our library site definitely needs more interactivity, currency and visuals. Love the tube.
And since you mentioned 70s shows I was thinking of Welcome Back Kotter, but I found something funny - a parody of Kotter called Welcome Back Potter.

Okay, what do we need to make our own clips?

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