25 June, 2009

L2TD#5 RSS feeds / D*P*C #4

I've added a feed from Read Alert (via SLV) to this blog (see way down). Just two entries at a time, no author required because they're mostly written by Mike Shuttleworth I believe.

I've subscribed to 11 feeds in Bloglines; those with an Arts focus, to our Learning 2.0 programs, colleagues' blogs and a whimsical inclusion (wish jar):
Articulate, Bloglines , CityLibrariesLearning - discover*play*connect, Word of the Day, Kaptain Keil - Ponderer Extraordinaire,
Leftwinglibrarian's Blog, OPAL Training, Quilterjo Learns New Things...,
Skerricks, Unshelved and Keri Smith's wish jar.

The value of having relevant news pushed to your desktop is immeasurable today when we are overloaded with information delivery from all corners. As a ref. librarian I would compile a list of relevant feeds to keep current professionally, and to add to my toolkit. For my account I extracted URLs from my random Favourites list, from the participants' list on these 2.0 programs, and from suggestions (ABC blogs > Articulate).

Suggestions for follows: OPAL training and Unshelved (useful and so true, in turn).

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