28 June, 2009

L2TD #6 folksonomies & tagging

First, revisiting LibraryThing; another similar tool is GoodReads. I like Noosa's frontpage - talk about face out shelving.
Within Spydus and Aurora LMS, library members can submit reviews online for the catalogue so that function within LT is not so necessary for me. The fact that they link it to the catalogue at Kingston, though, allows them to provide members with access to virtual lists of similar books, books by the same author, etc. I've added the widget (easy, peasy), but only with my current read of the moment. I might have a look at Shelfari and the others too.
Especially My favourites list is just way out of hand at my desk.

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Blowers, H. (2006, 3 September). #11: A thing about LibraryThing. Entry posted to PLCMC Learning 2.0 blog. Retrieved 26 August, 2008 from blog:

So, I'm in delicious and I found that a handful of others had already saved wordbox to their delicious favourites. Stunning. I've tried to add the network badge but am having trouble. Work on that. I'm librarianalison over there too.
I have a lot more favourites to add, but this is going to be extremely useful because of its portability.

Started exploring Technorati. Interesting. Searching on 'bookmobile' elicits some 203 random results, whereas an advanced search using 'libraries' as a search term narrowed results to 3 more relevant articles.

You will find ways to implement 2.0 technologies and applications into your library service.

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