17 June, 2009

first day awesome

I left my old job behind - it's being advertised now to close at end of the month. I picked up my old kit bag and moved 1000 kms to beautiful NQ. Loved my first day on the job (after two days of council training) - friendly colleagues, cake, sun-dried tomato dip, a team project on invigorating our website, and a great roster ahead. This is where a CSU degree can take you.
I've been cycling, exploring, unpacking, getting lost on the roads... This is the largest city I've lived in. Toowoomba was big, but not this big. And the towns in between have been miniscule in comparison. With big, comes amazing theatre, thoughtfully developed community spaces, a string of library branches (what's not to love?) and a choice of shops. More, lots more, to explore.
May your journeys be filled with adventure.

Read, and grow.

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