24 November, 2009

twiharder - audience par-tic-i-pation

Robert Pattinson
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i came to the twilight series later than most after seeing long lists of people reserving each book from the libraries. usually i don't care for popular fiction, but sometimes i make exceptions, and sometimes i'm pleasantly surprised.
i loved the first book, and steph should have stopped just there - leaving readers wanting more, but she had to go on and the fourth had me laughing out loud. most especially when Bella has the baby and names her Renesmee Carlie after both their mothers and fathers - how soap opera is that?
You know the old soap trick where characters name their child after themselves or the grandparents so the audience can keep track of whose kid it is a year later when it's fifteen and creating havoc? like Brooke + Ridge = Bridget.
i'm not even going to get into the whole argument that's raging everywhere about what a waste Bella is as a female character. there have been stronger, that's for sure.

had a classic information service encounter a month ago - a middle-aged lady came in and plonked twilight down saying she wanted to return it and cancel her reservation for the rest because they were atrocious! she started reading parts aloud and expressed distaste at the whole vampire thing. usually when someone does that they expect the person they're talking to to agree with them, but i couldn't of course.

i laughed with her, and said that while i appreciate that they're not to everyone's taste, i enjoyed them. she saw the funny side. i hope i steered her towards books more to her liking.
okay, enough negative vibes.
i read all of them, and loved every part where edward was written in.
team edward declaration.

so i watched twilight on dvd and was disappointed when it finished. not because it was a great film - if i hadn't read the books i'm sure i wouldn't have followed some of the film. so of course when new moon came out i had to see it along with the rest of the female population of townsville/the world, and it is better than twilight.
it was so like going to a Rocky Horror Audience Participation screening! The funniest was at the last when edward says 'marry me bella' and the screen faded because that was THE END of the movie!! and the whole audience said 'ooooh', as in 'no! don't end now!'. classic.

if you liked the twilight series you may also enjoy other vampire fiction, or the more subtle literary age-old storylines suggested like romeo and juliet or any of its derivatives. send a list!
you could start with the smouldering Heathcliffe in Bronte's Wuthering Heights.
edward cullen, you're a champion of readers everywhere. god bless your soul :)


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