19 November, 2009

airport poetry

poem composed on the train yesterday, using visual stimuli (julie beveridge's suggestion), and then drafted and rewritten at the airport. at gate 46.

poem composed after attendance at a city workshop, not instead of networking you will note, comrade harps! :)

fabulous to catch up with corinne hills who i haven't seen since we shared a dorm at CSU res. school back in '03. she influenced my decision to move to townsville - something i wrote about for InCite. best wishes for your Masters, corinne!

met great librarians from ipswich (home of the infocoach), nerang (check background image on my twitter), gold coast, federal court, drug arm, etc.

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comrade harps said...

Never really tried networking. It's only really worked when others have approached me, asking for my participation.

I work half my time on public duty, so a conference or meeting is a good chance for some me time, observing and writing.

Introverted, I gusess.