20 August, 2009

peace cranes

So it's been a busy year with moving home and all, but at least I made it to the theatre before December. The place where I used to live had a fabulous theatre but I saw better plays at the Z-Pac amateur theatre in Hervey Bay. I did see Max Gillies in something at The Brolga some years ago, but apart from that it was all Wickety Wak comebacks and acts. Of course Glenys invited me to a Shakespearean ballet in June but I couldn't go because I was flying up here.

The Civic is smaller than the Brolga but there are some amazing productions coming - Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes and Thursday's Child. We have both books at CityLibraries, and Pam was generous enough to show me how to make peace cranes. If Nicole and Pam got together we would have 1000 in no time...

There are so many shows on that I have missed some - sad to miss the Grimstones last week at Riverway - Nic saw this puppetry performance in Brisbane and loved it. And I have yet to discover all the theatres here. And DanceNorth. This place is full on.

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