05 August, 2009

D*P*C #8 Keeping track

I like Delicious and I'm trying to get it to work as an information service tool across our branches. I downloaded all the favourites from the IS pc at one branch, but have to go through it to edit out the not necessaries and outdateds. Then I'd like a delicious account for clients' access. What I'd actually like is a delicious account that lists all my 2.0 tools so I don't have to open up ten different apps just to get somewhere. I hate waiting!
I'll try Digg next ... reminds me of Bob the Builder's rap song.

Plus you can access your online bookmarks from any internet computer, anywhere. - That's the most important point for me. It drives me crazy to get to work in any other branch and I can't access my favourites. Delicious makes it all simpler.


James said...

I just spent this afternoon gamboling through Delicious, and agree it's pretty likeable. Your post has given me the idea to add the background reading URLs from my current diploma subject to Delicious, so I can pop in and do some reading wherever I happen to be (thanks!).

alison said...

Excellent idea James, then they're always there - rather than having to hunt for them. And they'll come in handy for future assessements and career.