25 August, 2009

little black books big launch

BIG day in Townsville Monday - Jeanie Adams from Black Ink Press (also author of Pigs and Honey, Going for Oysters) is launching 12 little black books - the work of young Indigenous writers and illustrators from Heatley, Aurukun and Garbutt. Congratulations to all involved!

Titles and creators to check out:
The Day My Yumby Went Missing / Graeme Owens
Fishing Time in the Banana Boat / Jesse Mooney
When I Was In the Bush... / Shannon Summers Phillips
Two in a Boat (Boatang mo'pull) / Steve Yunkaporta
Spearing Crabs / Brent Wolmby
Catching Fish (Minh Nga'an Wichan) / Venita Korkaktain
Disaster Camping / Monty Pompey
Watch Out For Cars / Bruce Nelson
My Fishing Adventure / David Inkerman
Trip to Cairns / Erica Kerr
Smashing Aunty Kathy's Car / Rehannon Pompey
My Holiday at Balgal Beach / Tasha Nelson

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