17 March, 2010

whose role is it anyway?

Synopsis: The issue of accepting interlibrary loan requests for textbooks from tertiary students at a public library has stimulated debate on whether the public library should or shouldn't, with or without conditions.
And yes, considering ALIA's standards, SLQ's standards and guidelines, the Australian ILRS code, the library's CDP and mission statement.

Question: What is your public library's guideline on this issue?

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restructuregirl said...

I'm in an aaademic library not a public library.
In Victoria we have a reciprocal borrowing agreement for Uni students called CAVAL, so if a book was available you could direct them to borrow it themselves?
Also some Uni's are setting up their own workarounds for ILLs. There's a system called BONUS that allows students to order books from a shared library catalogue, and have them delivered to their home Uni library branch. So maybe that would lessen the impact?