09 March, 2010

poetry walls!
Rebecca Newman's called the chalkboard on her back fence a poetry wall! Love it!

I have magnetic poetry words on my filing cabinet in the library for us all to play with. I want the large magnetic poetry words. I saw them online once, and being used by people in a park (possibly NY?).
If anyone has photos of the poetry walls at QWC at Metro Arts, send them!
Where's your poetry wall and what have you created on it?


Kate Eltham said...

Alison, I'll send you some photos of the poetry walls from QWC, but they're sitting in our storage room at the moment! We brought them with us when we moved from Metro Arts to the State Library in January, but haven't worked out where to put them!

Perhaps it's time to start some new ones. I've been thinking of painting some internal spaces with that whiteboard stuff and inviting writers to leave their poems and prose. :)

alison said...

Yay Kate!
You'd be missing the poetry walls then?
I had my magnetic words on my filing cabinet at work, but have just had to move it with a workspace reshuffle. Missing my words.

Kate Eltham said...

Yeah I do miss them. It was comforting to see the same ones around us every day. We have a Dorothy Porter haiku, for example, and others by various QWC members that are just stunning. It made the place feel like a community. Still working hard on that at SLQ but will take time.