25 January, 2010

working from home - librarydayinthelife 2

I have a day's leave, and I had some great things planned like heading up to The Strand but I've been rained in. I rescued the clothes dripping on the line and stuck them in the dryer. They were well rinsed.

Then, onto work. I set up a meeting for Friday, checked emails and forwarded one from Civica on. I started working on the next fortnightly roster on the weekend and am now inking it in. We have rather a few too many staff unavailable and on leave again, plus some at meetings (including me for two days in the first week - one for our new team that will focus on kpis, and the other is a collection development workshop for which I'll be banking an RDO). The interesting thing here is the opportunity to help shape the direction of the service.

Our fortnightly roster covers three branches and twenty-five staff. Shifts are usually three or four hours and we're introducing virtual information service into that. Some staff can work across three branches, others one or two. Some people's usual work is more portable than others (my huge black bag is my portable office but my laptop is rather too heavy so I usually hotdesk). If someone is in a particular branch for children's programs, or computer classes or meetings, if I need them for IS that day I have to try to roster them on at that branch so that we don't have too many staff travelling between branches unnecessarily.

Tomorrow is the public holiday for Australia Day and the only work-related thing I may be doing is reading a book. I've just finished Boori Monty Pryor's Maybe Tomorrow (he's a North Queenslander).

Right now I have to finish off the review I'm writing on Sue Lawson's After for CMIS Focus on Fiction. Deadlines!

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