27 January, 2010

frantic wet wednesday - librarydayinthelife 3

I got to work dry, but then mid-morning it started bucketing down and didn't let up until dark. I had left my umbrella in the car. Hmm.
I was on an Information Services shift until 1pm. Talked with a wonderful 90 year-old lady about her war service in Scotland where she worked on Spitfires! She was keen to book for a beginner's computer class as her son had recently given her his old model.
Another lady wanted to borrow any Janet Evanovich novels we had because she'd read her first and it made her 'laugh out loud in bed'. We had a couple on the shelf, and I reserved others because she's a popular author and the rest were out.
Another lady rang to find further information on edelweiss flowers. They are an alpine flower, quite rare, growing in Italy (among other European countries). I gathered this information from a number of authoritive websites, and the response delighted her because it fitted in with what she remembered of stories her Italian mother had told her when she was small. She is now writing a chapbook of poems, in Italian, and wanted to feature the edelweiss.

I fielded a couple of enquiries from circ staff who noted that renewals were being dated at 6 weeks instead of four, something I corrected in our Spydus loan policies area.

I discussed the coming roster with Robin, and really have to get it out tomorrow.

Tried to access our new intranet site but am locked out - emails flying back and forth now.

James made me envious when he showed off his new Kindle DX (??) complete with ancient dictionary which values precision in word use. We discussed LibraryThing over lunch, and discovered a mutual admiration for Wodehouse.

More information service tomorrow, and ....

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