18 October, 2009

summer reading club 2009/2010

NEWS! The Summer Reading Club 2009/2010 website will be live by the end of October - and activities will be all over public libraries in Queensland (but others also?).
I'm excited because this is the first year I've submitted activities for the booklets, and they're available now for librarians to print. My activities are available in levels 2 (Book Quest, p5), Know the Novel Quests and Adventures Level 3 (p4 & Wordsearch, p2), and Level 4 (Know the novel travelling tales, p4 & Wordsearch p8). Thank you to the marvellous Denise O'Connor and Sarah Keating for SRC, and thank you to my team of activity testers :)
Go, read!

Information from SLQ:
Children will be taken on a world-wide adventure through a range of exciting and interactive creative writing and arts activities and online games which encourage the love of books and reading as well as literacy and computer skills.

Participants can chat online to children’s authors Tristan Bancks and Christine Harris, write their own wacky fairy tales like Martin Chatterton, read Shaun Tan’s virtual book, follow Jonathan Powell’s comic blog, and write their own ending to a story started by James Roy.


The activities in each level are aimed at, but not restricted to, the following ages:

• Level 1 – targeted at birth - 4 years of age
• Level 2 – targeted at 5 -7 years of age
• Level 3 – targeted at 8 -11 years of age
• Level 4 – targeted at 12 -16 years of age

Dates of program
The Summer Reading Club is designed to run during the Queensland school holidays:
Saturday 12 December 2009 to Saturday 23 January 2010. These dates, like the rest of
the program, are completely flexible and can be adapted to suit your library.

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