12 October, 2009


QPLA/PLA conference began today in Townsville. Great organisation, inspirational speakers, and great to catch up with special people, especially Jo Parker from Fraser Coast. Michael Stephens is very personable. In his keynote address though, he had a photo of a cool ref desk which is walkaround, standup etc. Ours at Thuringowa is totally better though - standup, walkaround, less imposing, customer sits/stands right next to you and shares your screen. Having the extra screen at our other branches is cool, but those desks are not so - too solid and a barrier. But Thuringowa - that's the place to be for up close and personal reference work (information service, ask me service, genius bar work, etc, whatever you call it that sounds more now than reference desk).
I caught Paul Hagon's session on reusing library data and Heather Gordon's on facing some uncomfortable truths.
I met Nikki from Civica and Frances from Tablelands, who I only 'met' last week on the videolinq at BRITAFE Pimlico.
Excellent to hear all the news from Fraser Coast from Jo Parker. They have RFID...
Caught up with Rosslyn Coussins from Toowoomba (award winning librarian previously in NT). Miss those people.
Enjoy your next few days at #qpla09 peeps. It's running well.

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