20 May, 2009

D*P*C # 1,2

I'm working on two Learning 2.0 programs at the same time - OMG. I've covered blogging (1), so onto (2) twitter. I'm librarianalison over there and I'm following four twitterers so far. I love that you can only use 140 characters - I'm a fan of microfiction; the variations of which include writing a story in 150 or 100 words, or in 150 characters to send via SMS. It makes for snappy writing, and you can fit a few in a zine: Onefifty. Michael Gerard Bauer won an early 150 word comp. through BWF and it got printed on volunteers' t-shirts. I have a strange fascination for the Skin story too even though I haven't read the whole thing.
I'm supposed to be talking about twitter, right? I like it for short, sharp, immediate communication. And everyone's on it - the Qld Premier included. It's a great news dissemination service - what are you doing? says it all. People twitter at conferences, I twittered at my hotel - you can post on the run. It makes people feel included, and since it's interactive they can post back. I'm still figuring out how that works. Networking. Excellent tool. And it clarifies your thinking - what was important about today?
I want to use it in the library.

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