01 November, 2008

words in film

Congratulations to Jason Van Genderen (and associates) on his Tropfest win with Mankind is no Island. Tonya Turner wrote in The Courier Mail that this is a moving, poetic and inspired story about homelessness without a single word spoken. Instead, words and images captured on street signs, t-shirts, posters, shop fronts, movie boards, traffic signs and menus fill the screen one at a time as a gritty urban narrative. Keri Smith opened my mind to the stories blossoming all around us and I developed story sparks for my children's workshops. One was 'Walk around town, noting the t-shirt messages and signage you see. Use some words in your opening paragraph.' I was thinking, note them in a journal/notebook, but that was before I started carrying a camera around. But, hey, Jason shot MINI on his mobile phone. It is beautiful and raw, and will hopefully inspire others to practice 'the gentle art of hearing'.
View MINI on YouTube here.

Other memorable films with words - Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues and INXS' Mediate from the Kick album (oh yeah).
And Carrie Donovan flicking the library cards on YouTube with Hey, You/Ask.

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