01 November, 2008

what's a zine?

Joanna mentioned that people at markets are always asking her what a zine is, so I thought I'd better have an explanation ready myself. These are my notes.

  • A literary snack delivered straight from the writer to the reader: independent, organic and handmade
  • five minute fiction
  • an artistic literary format in which you will find stories, illustrations, images, poetry, reviews, interviews, comic strips, opinions, beliefs, etc.
  • quirky
  • funky
  • they can be privately treasured or shared
  • non-mainstream
  • it's about self-expression
  • it's about exploring your art
  • it's about getting sticky with glue and familiar with a photocopier
  • it's C6-sized, A4, mini, it's handstitched, it's folded, stapled, coloured, designed, typed, handdrawn, notes in a matchbox, printed on paper, sold, given away - it's whatever you want it to be
  • something anyone can make and share.

Which zines do you read?

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