05 September, 2010

#ALIAAccess 2010 Brisbane

say hello to the future. it was good.
#ALIAAccess group on flickr


  1. meeting tweeps @jobeaz, @rachelwray, @newgradlib, and catching up with Jo and Robyn (fraser coast)
  2. Dr Neil Carrington's leadership workshop
  3. Helen Partridge's LIS education project
  4. the massive twitter interaction during the conference (33%+ delegates tweeting) - realtime responses to discussion
  5. north brisbane library visits - checking out design, spaces, information service models, community engagement, staffing, collection development and customer service
  6. the interaction and community atmosphere of many sessions, especially #camp
  7. the walk from Ibis, across the Victoria Bridge to the convention centre - Brisbane turned on beautiful weather
  1. brilliant to have iPads on the perch to play with, but next time - perhaps loan out a few iPads and other devices to delegates in each stream, particularly to newbies so they can tweet intensively in sessions; get a real feel for it.
  2. loan out flipcams so short films can be uploaded to the website (#camp, dinners, the lunch buzz, exhibits)
If delegates haven't used these devices preconference, then actually putting them out there will do more to encourage their use and the influence will spread. 


committees did a fabulous job :) thnx

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