23 August, 2010

novel writing software

I started exploring novel writing software today, after seeing a review of Scrivener on Justine Larbalestier's site.
So Scrivener is for Macs, but on their site they list alternatives for Windows. I tried a couple that were freeware, others were 30 day downloads and others you have to buy.
And then I found I had OneNote on my pc. Has some good features.
The software should really be called 'novel organisation software'.
I'm trialling my character profiles on OneNote and PageFour.


Kay Tee said...

My favorite novel writing software is the AutoCrit Editing Wizard. It's awesome for finding problems once you get to the editing stage.

You can try it for free.

HavvaM said...

Hi Alison

I downloaded the liquid story binder and thought I would test it out but I am unsure as to whether it would help me or just provide another distraction?

What are you thougths?

alison said...

Oh it's awesome, and I think will be useful once you get past the distracting part of finding out where things are and how they work.
I've found a lot of positive comments for novel organising software,and many supporting Word.
I think if you use the software you need an extra monitor on the computer to spread it all out.
I have the extra at work and I now find one screen so limiting :)