24 May, 2010

in the punk salon

now there's an in-your-face label ; not library 2.0 or contemporary practices.

Feel empowered to try new things

you're a libpunk!

let's not follow the old ways just because we think we don't have time to think about better ways.
libpunk-it-up and 'increase social capital' (Kathryn Greenhill

don't dismiss twitter because you think it's inane. find out how your library can use it positively. @townsvillelib started off small, but we responded to tweets from people in townsville with information (about the weather, about sushi bars, about cultural highlights, about how to use twitter). incite published @nealthorley's article* about our twitter/web 2.0 use and ABC aired a story about social media use with input from @warrencheetham** after information exchange on twitter. we now also tweet about events and collections, and have a growing list of followers.

* Information delivery and web 2.0 - 31 (4), p. 18 (ALIA members' access, or through databases)
** read more on Warren's blog

Paul Hagon's LP. Michael Stephens, Helene Blowers, all LP. and Comrade Harps.

and again: what Kathryn said:

Librarians using non-proprietary products and groupings not based on institutional alliances to practice their craft and communicate their practice. Open, collaborative enterprises based not on making money, but often on increasing social capital or extending knowledge

your challenge for the month (if you're not already LP): libpunk-it-up a little more

and tell me about it. What makes you libpunk?

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DMUSA store - red mcmarten tartan


comrade harps said...

I think I should have my job decsription changed to libpunk. Very DIY.

I've set up our Spydus Profile emails for most collection to go into Twitter and from there into Facebook. The Blogalogue also goes into Twitter and FB on auto and we have the Blogalogue online footy tipping comp with staff and public. The ladder is published on Scribd. I've also just started a local history Flcikr group called Picture Frankston for communal LH pic sharing and commentary.

We could be more interactive with the Twitter, but our Council IT department blocks it on our staff PCs, so we can't access it. Even on my back room PC, I can access it but not tweet! Flickr and Facebook are also blocked for the rest of the staff.

alison said...

Oh harps, you're definitely libpunk. I'll add you to the list!