26 April, 2010

black is the new black

two black books arrived in the mail for me from Jean and Alison at CMIS - and I love them both. The Black Book of Colours, proclaimed as innovative and groundbreaking across the world, incorporates Braille text with white typeset text against completely black pages. the right side of each double spread has raised black line drawings depicting the imagery of the text. i like that thomas finds red 'as sweet as watermelon'.

Rebel is the second in a quadrilogy by R.J. Anderson, and I'm finding faeries quite intriguing. they're edgy, they've got attitude, and they're living among us. look out! a wonderful antidote to those syrupy daisy meadows creatures.

i couldn't find a black enough image of The Black Book. the image above is from a review by Leanne Hall here.

have you read these books? what do you think of them? tell me.

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