20 April, 2009

L2TD #2 and D*P*C #5 online photo sharing-flickr

I've signed up on flickr for test drive #2. My photostream here. Signup was easy, if labour-intensive - having to have another password, a screen name, etc. But posting was simple - and all my own photos, from trips to Brisbane and Surfers Paradise.
I was impressed with Mosman Library's guest list - Emily Rodda, Mem Fox, and a chocolate party! [Mary's suggested search from L2TD site].
I searched on the local area and found some beautiful images. Here are two of my favourites: soldier crabs and the banyan tree. Both images by the same photographer, walking around with his swish camera taking photos from surprising angles. The Banyan Tree is a local landmark, in the main park; the central meeting place a few years ago of the 'Back to the Banyan' reunion.

Flickr is fabulous for library service promotion. It's obvious. I like it. I'll have to get out with the camera more.
Late, late, late - just signed up for twitter (see sidebar). I'd like to use it for haiku and microfiction.

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