13 March, 2009

love libraries

I would love to have the Cubic Structural Evolution Project in a public library - it's touring regional Queensland galleries now. Kids are having such fun with the 300 kilos of white lego. Here's the batbear sitting on the rubble. He's a class mascot from a local school, touring around with a child each night. He certainly had fun at the Project.
Shoe store workers could learn a lot from libraries. Today I went to buy some black shoes and only found one pair in my size. To her credit the shop assistant did call the store in the next town to see if they had any of the others in (but they didn't). Now if that was a library we would be working hard to find that elusive product to suit the client's need. This is the new line too, and I was told that they only ever get one box in of that size - librarians would have ordered enough to cover anticipated demand and would have had them moving in and out. And why don't they have email alerts set up to let me know when that elusive one box comes instore? So, I did get one pair of gorgeous black shoes today (but not in the style I desired more) and I wore them to work in the afternoon. Halfway happy.
Send good fortune my way on Wednesday - two great things will happen for me that day. Here's wishing you a Wild, Wonderful Wednesday too.

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