13 June, 2008

street art

How lovely to have books delivered in the mail. This one is a must for anyone who loves what artists have done to those harsh traffic signal boxes in Brisbane. It's Brisbane Traffic Art.1 and it features 200 of the altered TSBs with artists' statements and they're listed by suburb alphabetically. I like best the paintings that incorporate some aspect of the local community, like trouts on a box in Trout Road, and kids' faces on a box near a school. I look around my city and see grey traffic signal boxes - not so engaging.I took this butterfly pic. a while back near Fairfield Road. The book was compiled by Queensland Urban Ecology, the people who organise the artists to do all this stunning work. And they invite anyone to apply to paint a box, you don't have to be a professional artist. In fact, their TSB work is a great career move for many.Buy the book, take the tour, and enjoy! Check them out online here.

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