15 May, 2008

gallery notes

What a glorious life! I love Arnold Zable and I love Angela Nagel. My short story Gallery Notes was commended by AZ in this year's Daffodil Day Arts Awards - it didn't win win, but it was shortlisted with 29 others out of 130 entries nationwide. In '06 my short story Unfinished Business was Highly Commended in the awards but my haiku string didn't rate last year. That's okay. I know my stories are stronger than my poetry but I'm willing to work on that. Angela is the Arts Awards Officer, and if you're in Melbourne say a cheery hi from me. She'll be at the Exhibition Opening on Saturday 19 July (15W Gallery again) where all the stories, poems and artwork will be on display before touring regional Victoria. Go - donate to a good cause, and look for this first line: On their first visit her father invariably parked her too close to the artwork which distorted her view of the subjects he talked about. A
nd if you find yourself in Brisbane's Wesley Hospital (the setting of my story), I hope you too can forget your troubles by indulging in a little art therapy. And, just a side note... yay for wordbox - two years old yesterday and encouraging creativity all over the country more than ever! We've some strong opportunities for young writers available and that's good news for the arts scene. Thanks for using wordbox as your handy writing resource. Now, off with ye. I've a day off tomorrow, last assessment's been handed in, so I'll be writing. A little story inspired by fortune cookies from Simply Wok. Tomorrow!

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