27 December, 2007

wordie Christmas

I've unwrapped boxes... best book received - Poems by Young Australians, volume 5 from the Taronga Foundation Poetry Prize. Congratulations to all young writers who have been published. I most liked Miranda Allender's concrete poem featuring the Tasmanian Tiger. I've just been down visiting Tas. (sparkly State) and we all felt confronted by the the Tiger video in the cage at the Museum. As a wordie I loved the art installation Voice in the Tas. State Library's foyer - lots of reading/writing type words embossed in panels reaching to the ceiling.Two other Christmas books received: Stink and the World's Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers by Megan McDonald - I am so looking forward to reading this! and, from Antonia (true book lover), Li Cunxin and Anne Spudvilas' The Peasant Prince. And a brilliant word game from Nicole in the US: Bananagrams - it's kinda like Scrabble but without the points, and you get to PEEL and SPLIT and shout BANANAS! Great for Boxing Day!
Hope your Christmas was equally wordie.
Tell us all about it.

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